Since the days, when people have asked ” Sega or Nintendo? “choosing a person’s console has led to defining a personality type into good or evil. Although Sega has long been on the sidelines and Sony and Microsoft have joined the action, the basic principles of console warfare and the philosophy that underlies it remain unchanged.

Both hail from Japan, it’s hard to ignore the race between Sony and Nintendo for the dominance of this generation. If you remember, Nintendo surprised the world when it overcame the much more powerful Sony PlayStation 3 with its Wii console, a system that has become one of the bestsellers of all time. Of course, the Wii U did not extend this series, but analysts see the switch and its hybrid status as a possible upheaval for the dominance of the PlayStation again.

Although Sony’s PlayStation 4 has largely dominated this cycle, Nintendo Switch’s rise in sales since its debut has brought the console to the attention of game-buying audiences, calling Sony’s uncontrolled dominance of this generation into question.

While the PS4 enjoys a large lead in terms of graphics capabilities, the Switch enjoys the luxury of drawing Nintendo’s huge stable of features into its future game plan.

And here the action between the two Japanese titans becomes interesting: this generation has seen that Sony really released the big guns in terms of exclusive and exclusive games in general. If Sony can continue this trend, it could be difficult for the switch to reverse it in the short term.

A sticking point for some players is Microsoft’s Xbox One, a third away from most estimates. Although Microsoft continues to innovate in online services and move games to different market paradigms, Xbox One has waned in the face of continued pressure from Sony to secure and market exclusive content for their system. Nintendo, on the other hand, has benefited from both the novelty of its new system and the market demand in its fan base for a new console, but the synergies between a hybrid and a home console have yet to be realized. In other words, the Nintendo 3DS is still selling. A future switch that combines console numbers with the 3DS could be a strong competitor for Sony.

All this comes as the current generation folds into the next with the new systems from Microsoft and Sony really expected at every show now. Although endemic speculation ran high about the shape that the new consoles will take, the idea that Sony or Microsoft could use cloud and streaming technology to deliver games remains one of the biggest assumptions of the coming years.

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