A3 printers are a significant investment, but they are generally the best choice for graphic printing because they offer higher output quality than an A4 printer. By purchasing an A3 printer for your office, you can be sure that your promotional materials are printed in professional quality and cannot be ignored. However, there are some things to keep in mind when using an A3 color printer to make graphic materials. Here we talk about some of these factors that will help you get the most out of your A3 Laser color printer.

Determine paper size

The first thing you need to consider is the paper size. Standard A3 Paper measures 420 mm x 287 mm and is used for most uses. However, there is another size called A3+ that is slightly larger and offers more space outside the actual use area for each person to take notes or comments. This can help advertisers and marketers verify their print marketing campaign designs and other print warranties such as posters, brochures and brochures.

So, depending on whether you’re creating a draft or the final copy, make sure you choose the right paper size for your A3 printer. If a document needs to be reviewed and approved by multiple people, it may be a good idea to have it printed at an A3+ size, as this allows all comments to be included without compromising the original design or layout.

Choosing the right GSM

The second important and perhaps more technical factor than the first is the weight of the paper. The weight of the paper is expressed in grams per millimeter or GSM. Paper with higher GSM values is used for strong color printing and this is the one you should use to print color posters and brochures on an A3 printer. Lighter Paper can be easily used to print text. However, for prints shared with important customers or leaving the Organization, they need to be printed on heavier Paper to give a positive and professional impression.

Glossy or matte?

There is also a variety of Paper covered with a special substance to include colors and give shine to the Paper. Typically, this type of heavy coated paper is used to print photos on an A3 printer. This paper has a G / M2 between 150 and 200 G / m2 and is used for most photo prints. However, for high-quality photo printing, Paper with a GSM greater than 200 is often used, as this creates a better visual impression.

Heavy or light pressure?

The fourth factor to consider is the efficiency of using the machine. There are several ways to use an A3 printer, but you need to be sure that you are using it for the right purpose. For example, if you want to print a plain text document with very little or no graphics, an A4 printer may be more suitable for this purpose. You can easily use 70 GSM paper for this purpose. Even small color prints can be made with an A4 printer. However, an A3 printer may be better suited for larger prints and heavy visual content.

Finally, buying an A3 printer can be a good investment, since the benefits can be exploited for many years. If you expect your business needs to grow dramatically over the next few years, this may be the best time to get one for your business. Today, thanks to efficient technology and intense competition in the printer market, A3 printers are not as expensive as before.

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