As the Consumer Electronics Show approaches with great strides, LG seems more than ready to bring things up to speed and unveil the world’s largest OLED display. It comes in the highest resolution; with 33 million self-emitting OLED pixels (7680×4320), 16 times more than FHD (1920×1080) and about 4 times more than UHD (3840×2160). Plus, with this 88-inch TV never seen before, you don’t have to compromise the brightness for better resolution! This unique CES concert is encouraging to expand the visual sphere of the experience. Korean television epic is ready to deliver an unprecedented image quality that is literally out of this world; it brings black to ultimate perfection and creates unsurpassed authentic and realistic colors. Although there is a 77-inch display comes with a high resolution 4K from many offers, such as Sony and Panasonic; also from LG. The newborn has never seen until this date display is required to beat the old 4K high resolution television. Although many 4K OLED displays are leaving stores around the world, LG will have to make some extra efforts to make it a standard in the market.

The Korean company has kept some details such as price, features and release date on the market a complete secret. Looking at the game LG might have to do with other companies in terms of price, such as Samsung, which already has an 88-inch television; that’s the same price for LG last year’s release for a 77-inch screen. This could mean that extra inches and higher resolution come at a high price. However, it won’t be long before they make the announcements official at CES next week. Since 4K screens have become affordable worldwide, it was time for an upgrade; 8K TVs. LG was too excited to show off their newly developed creation and obviously couldn’t wait for CES. They boasted to create this important step in the era of 8K TVs with a quick overview on paper;

this made everyone look forward to viewing real life! Given the quality of the recent versions of LG, there is a great chance that this is the most spectacular billboard ever unveiled.

It is highly anticipated that CES 2018 will come across other 8K displays; however, LG’s 88-inch screen will certainly be the icing on the cake.

This is by no means a warning that you should not buy the 4K screen or be annoyed that you already have one, as it will take some time for the 8K screen to hit the market. In addition, the price could also take time to become affordable. It’s still not easy to find 4K content, let alone stream 8K content. This next generation technology offers a smoother and much more sensitive image due to the small pixel sizes and much wider viewing angles; this is a dream come true for many consumers.

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