With months to go before the iPhone 8 is expected on tablets, Apple is more than ready to let its 10th anniversary smartphone bury the previous iPhone 7 line. Just scratch the surface and that may seem unfair. Why would Apple try to ignore a generation that now accounts for 80% of all iPhone sales in the US?

Despite its success in sales, it marks a disappointing update of the brand to apple. The Airpods certainly helps Apple surpass most other competitors in the market including choosing for many other difference wireless headphones with waterproof gears and even more updated features

Line 7 in particular struggles under the weight of Apple’s innovative spirit. His willingness to dismiss the beloved features for the recent is something that critics have condemned in the past. Rather pessimistic, they do not believe that innovation motivates the company based in Cupertino to update its listeners, but pride and price. The change made in the interest of change, usually to introduce a new expensive material, is not appreciated by the masses. Example: the disappearance of the headphone Jack in both 7 and 7 Plus.

Although a relatively minor material trait, its sudden lack in the new generation caused outrage in apple’s fandom. Replaced by wireless AirPods or a heavy headphone cable, the headphone jack combines a slightly damaged deep black finish and a modified home button to list the changes that only served to disappoint and frustrate people.

But these frustrations were felt outside of typical Apple consumers. Almost a year after the launch of Series 7, Yahoo Finance conducted a self-selected survey on this design feature. Of 7,741 people who clicked on the Yahoo survey, 71% thought it was a bad decision to remove the headphone jack. More importantly, 73% of those who identified themselves as Android users said they are now less likely to switch to an iPhone through this feature.

This poses a challenge for Apple. People take more time to update their smartphones. They use decals, skins and envelopes to keep their iPhones and androids in order for three years or more.

Even those who have the iPhone 7s can’t rely on switching to 8, despite the frustration you may feel about some hardware features. Once Apple has removed a feature, it’s gone forever, so the 8 also relies on wireless AirPods.

Each flagship iPhone also has the disadvantage of being the most expensive generation in the family. For those who don’t have the budget to upgrade each year, use iPhone envelopes from designers like dbrand to increase the life of your phones. The dbrand collection includes exclusive styles that can reinvent the look of generations 7 and more in 5 minutes or less. Meanwhile, the new iPhone 7 matters are designed to protect the gadget from scratches, scrapes and even dirt build-up, making it better in line.

At a time when people are taking longer to update their smartphones, Apple needs to rely on the platform change to boost sales of future iPhones. iPhones account for around 15% of the global smartphone market share, while androids account for the rest. If Apple hopes to tip the scales, you’ll need to convince Android owners to make the change. Unfortunately, the recent study from Yahoo suggests that you may have lost potential Android users willing to make the leap by disappearing the headphone jack.

The recent reports suggest that the iPhone 8 will continue on the tracks of line 7. In addition to the headphone jack, the Home button would disappear in its entirety from line 8, as Apple uses biometric unlocking techniques.

What this means for the company at the end of the line is always up in the air. Although some people thrive there, change is not easy for others to swallow. In the end you have to get used to it. More things go wireless every day. It’s only a matter of time before wireless AirPods (or the Android alternative) become the standard we’re all used to.

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