Google announced earlier this month that it will launch its home speaker in Canada on the 26th. the good story is that the Canadian Version of the AI Assistant will be fully bilingual, fluent in English and Canadian French. This is great story, because until now the assistant knew only one language (English). Google, which teaches the native language to its speaker, will undoubtedly generate more revenue, since 22% of the Canadian population is Francophone. This percentage corresponds to about 7.3 million potential French-Canadian buyers for the AI assistant.

This step is only the first step to provide the home speaker to a larger market. As early as May, Google announced plans to add German, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese to the List during the summer. After this year, the company hopes to develop an Italian, Spanish and Korean update for its assistant.

Canadians interested in buying the device can now pre-order it online at Best Buy or the Google Store for CN 179 CND. The home speaker is always activated in both languages by the voice command “OK Google”. While the Canadian edition of the wizard will not be available in Canada for another two days, the French-Canadian language option has already been introduced. You should be able to tell your Google Home speaker “OK Google, Talk to me in Canadian French” for the experience for yourself. It helps if you can speak and understand French, but don’t worry if you don’t: “OK Google, Speak to me in English” takes you straight into your comfort zone. You can see the French-Canadian voice in action here.

For Canadian shoppers who do not wish to pre-order the device, it will be available Monday from retailers across the country such as Bell Canada, Indigo, London Medicine, Rogers, Staples, the Source, Telus, Visions and Walmart. You probably won’t get the same deals you pre-order from Best Buy Will, like a free Chromecast, and réduction 50 off the price of a Philips Hue starter kit when ordered at the same time as the home speaker. A little, and one that you should exploit before Monday morning if you are so inclined.

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