Brookstone’s Big Blue Party Wi-Fi speaker is really the one that guides you all. If you are wondering why it is a party speaker, let us enlighten you: it offers a 360-degree sound output that definitely makes it the center of the party. In addition, it is a water-repellent speaker in any weather, so it is sure to be the star of your outdoor evening, as you do not have any close neighbors who will not appreciate its exceptional sound clarity, regardless of the volume. It is also battery powered, which means no need for a power outlet as long as it is powered. The best of all? It is sold, making it an affordable high-end gadget.

It is available in two colors, light gray and graphite, and stands on an impressive nearly a foot and a half. It is quite heavy and weighs 12 pounds, which in itself conveys good know-how and good quality. The Big Blue is, as you may have guessed, equipped with Blue Tooth technology and also has an aux port for cable connections. The best feature, however, is its ability to connect to Chromecast devices-so you can configure synchronized audio streaming in multiple rooms. This feature really sets them apart from the competition as it allows access to Google’s streaming layer. Simply use the Google Home app to coordinate streaming and output.

You should know that there is a Blue Tooth version only for about 50 less, which lacks Wi-Fi options and therefore Chromecast. It’s worth handing out the extra for the fully powered version of this amazing speaker.

In addition, the installation is a breeze. Take it out of the package, insert it and wait until it increases. Once it’s ready to go, press the ” on ” button (conveniently located smack dab in the center of the console) and then open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device. As long as Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth are enabled on your phone or tablet, you will receive a notification for easy setup. And lo and behold, they are ready to go!

Honestly, we found nothing wrong to say about the great speaker of the Brookstone Blue Party. It is versatile, affordable, durable and again provides a sound output that disgraces most other speakers. And in matter you need an excuse to get one, Father’s Day is just around the corner.

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