If you are looking for a high-quality wireless all-in-one printer from one of the world’s best-known printer manufacturers, you may want to consider the Canon PIXMA MG5750.

Canon has a well-deserved reputation for developing innovative, reliable and efficient quality printers. The MG5750 not only offers excellent print quality, but is also ideal for personal and home use.

The MG5750 is one of a number of Devices from the PIXMA Series, of which the MG5751, MG5752, MG5753 and the MG6850 belong. These printers are known for their modern and practical design and are also inexpensive. This means that with a quality printer, you can print, scan and copy at a price you have a hard time arguing with.


The first thing you’ll notice about the MG5750 when you take it out of the box is its classic design and sleek appearance. This printer is not only good value for money, it is also very impressive.

Innovative engineers working for Canon have also given a lot of thought to designing the controls for this printer to be very easy to use, and their efforts have not been wasted. All important controls are located prominently on the front edge of the device. The control panel includes an easy-to-use 4-way control panel and a small LED display with three buttons underneath that allow you to easily scroll through menus.


You’ll be happy that the MG5750 makes scanning, printing (duplex and duplex) and copying, (duplex and duplex) fast and easy to do. In addition, this model has a printing speed that is faster than many more expensive models on the market. With two-page automatic printing, borderless printing and a very useful 100-sheet paper tray, you can be sure that this printer has a better output quality than many, if not most of its competitors.

Another great feature of the MG5750 is that you can print your documents or photos on SOMEONE else’s PIXMA printer if you both have Canon’s PIXMA Cloud Link scanning and remote printing feature. The MG5750 makes it easier than ever to print and share photos and documents.

Ink cartridges

Another very useful function is that the printer uses five ink cartridges of different colors. More durable XL versions of these cartridges are also available. A bonus of this arrangement is that you only have to replace the empty color when it runs out. Like so many printers at the budget end of the market, replacement cartridges can be relatively expensive, but if you’re willing to hunt a little online, there are plenty of companies that offer cheap ink cartridges for brands like Canon.

Printer Dimensions

The dimensions of Your Printer are also very important. Canon acknowledged that the MG5750 is also quite large (45.5 cm long, 36.9 cm wide and 14.8 cm high) and weighs just under 6.5 kg. This means that it fits perfectly to everyone except the smallest desk or table. If you’re struggling to find room for your printer, given the device’s modest space, it may even be possible to locate it away on a larger shelf or closet in your home or office.

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