Nintendo Switch is definitely an excellent gaming platform that has rapidly gained popularity since its launch in March this year. It supports many games, is addictive, and it is fun to play with friends and family. The switch is small and can accompany you anywhere, but unfortunately most people do not carry their big screen TV with them when they go on holiday or come together somewhere where a TV is not available. And here the small size of the switch is a problem because it is difficult to gather close enough to see, especially in split-screen situations.

Mark Ma and Jack Gilbert decided to remedy the situation. Together with a group of engineers and designers, they have developed OJO, a small portable projector that allows users to project the screen of their Nintendo Switch onto any flat surface (such as a wall or a foldable display). Depending on how large the area is and how far away you are from it, OJO allows a projection that is as small as 30 inches and as wide as 120 inches. And that’s not all. OJO also amplifies the sound of your switch so you have a cinematic sound experience wherever you go.

But OJO is not just for the switch. It has 4 hours of battery that can be used to play with your switch or powered easily, as well as other devices such as your phone or tablet thanks to its two USB ports. An HDMI port allows users to use the projector to project from other devices, such as projecting a movie from a tablet to the wall, so that everyone can sit comfortably while enjoying the show. The projector is also supplied with a charger so that users can powered the battery when they come across a power outlet.

All in all, it is a small, compact and useful device that offers many features and will undoubtedly appeal to people who do not own a Nintendo Switch. It is available for pre-order on Indiegogo at a reduced price for early risers-it is currently priced, a range of 100 cheaper than its actual retail price should be. OJO will ship sometime in December, so if you know someone who could use one, it will make a great Christmas gift.

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